Hi all, just wanted to share that today I am going to release my 6th android app. Its an expense tracker application. Been working on it for a month now. I know its nothing much…but..well..my company sorta wanted to make it. Dont know if it will be free or not but will leave you guys & gals a market place link for download. It features a really cool UI hope you enjoy it.

Some of its features are,

* Dashboard along with graphs.
* Customizable categories and sub-categories
* Options to attach images to your expenses
* Export PDF of your expenses
* Options to tag expense based on tax-sections, also allows the user to add new tax-sections.

Stay tuned for more android UI tutorials.. COMING SOON :)

Update 1: Sorry for being dormant. Was busy making a few enhancements. The application now supports a View Reports section. Will be available for download from next week (I guess).

Update 2: The marketing team finally released it…oh joy..link